What I Really Appreciate 3: Bravely Default’s Encounter Rate

Bravely Default has a really interesting feature.[1]  It allows the player to control the encounter rate in random battles.  The player can:

  • Keep the encounter rate at normal (like a normal game)
  • Reduce the encounter rate to zero and face no monsters (good if the player’s about to die)
  • Double the encounter rate (to make grinding faster)

Thank the stars!  There’s nothing worse than trying to get back to town and getting mercilessly slaughtered.  Or playing Pokemon, trying to find a rare, elusive Pokemon and trying to increase the number of battles per hour.  And no one will ever criticize Bravely Default for having an unfair encounter rate.

In some games, if the player’s party is wiped out, the player has to reload a save.  Any progress made up until that death is lost (experience points, physical progress, gold).  These games generally make up for such a harsh death penalty by having a Save Anytime feature.  Unfortunately, saving after every battle isn’t exactly fun.

It’s nice to be able go as far as one can go, and still make it back home.

[1] I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about a game on Left the Station until it was at least a year old.  I broke that rule 5 chapters in.


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